About SmartFax

SmartFax has the singular aim of unrelenting pursuit for innovation, development and crafting of modern business communication tools specializing in Internet Fax features. SmartFax recognizes the challenges of today's highly competitive business environment and provides a value driven product to clients through cost effective fax packages that are proven to work seamlessly coupled with Industry leading reliability. SmartFax fax transmission and retrieval systems were created through the synergy of our expertise and commitment for excellence in the field and telecommunication giant's partner circuits.

Proof of SmartFax superiority is evident in the company's dominance and superior features in the field. Browse through SmartFax pages and compare features and pricing and see for yourself why SmartFax is number 1!

Feature list:

  1. Send/receive fax from control panel.
  2. Send/receive fax from email.
How can SmartFax help your business? 5 C's

SmartFax is the Smart Fax service that lets you receive and send Fax messages from any location with just a computer with an Internet connection. SmartFax enables you to send or receive Faxes from anywhere in the Continental United States!

Competitive Advantage

The internet is where customers are. More and more consumers value the convenience and the speed of transaction online. SmartFax online faxing system allows business owners to cut short the sales cycle, streamline the operations processes and attend to faxed messages in real-time.

Customer Service

SmartFax values customers. For any inquiry or help needed, SmartFax client relations representatives are available through voice and email from 8am to 5pm PST.

Email - [email protected]; [email protected]

Cost Control

SmartFax's cost effective solution totally gets rid of the need for a fax machine (and of course paper and the clutter!). All you need is a SmartFax account with a free local or tollfree number and your customers can send you fax messages which you will receive through your email.


SmartFax uses a powerful implementation of email and fax in one. Business owners can send fax from their computer to any number.


SmartFax allows account owners to access their fax message anytime, anywhere as long as they have internet connection. How?  3 ways:

  1. SmartFax customers can send and retrieve faxed messages from their email address.
  2. SmartFax customers have online control panel with archiving system. This section of the control panel stores fax messages up to 30 days. 
  3. With SmartFax, there is NO need for software downloads.  You can send fax through your control panel!

Value Proposition

Cutting-edge technology

SmartFax focuses on high-end telephony technology to provide state of the art faxing convenience.

Customer Services

SmartFax helps small businesses offer more value to their customers by providing great service at the most affordable price. With SmartFax services, small businesses need not bother with extra costs of fax machines, ink, paper, etc. Small businesses are empowered to drive their costs down which translates to higher profit margin.

Our customers

SmartFax caters primarily to small businesses that are in need of convenient, low cost solution to their fax service needs. Faxing remains as a dominant method of communicating business proposals, contracts and other documents that need to be sent exactly as they are. However, with faxing comes issues like no one to switch the fax tone on, constant supply of ink and paper, documents are stored/filed in one location and the fax machine itself. Because of these issues, SmartFax has developed a convenient online faxing system that allows customers to archive their fax message online or on their emails. This creates accessibility to important documents as long as there is internet connection. Fax tone is always up and caller ID is tracked as SmartFax offers a dedicated fax number that allow faxed documents go straight to your email in pdf format. This SmartFax technology also allows customers to send important documents from their computer, there is no need for a fax machine.