SmartFax Features

International Faxing

Expand your global reach with SmartFax.

SmartFax offers international online faxing at low minimum rates. With SmartFax you can conveniently take your faxing communications to broader markets without the usual high costs associated with international faxing. Read more.
Email to Fax

Merge the convenience of Email with Fax.

SmartFax enables customers to quickly and easily send a fax from their email to any fax number. SmartFax brings the whole concept of mobility and faxing right to wherever you are. All you need is Internet access and a SmartFax account. Simply create a new email message, attach your fax document, then email it to: [email protected] Read more.
Online Fax Storage

Archive faxes with SmartFax.

Having all your faxes archived allows you to retrieve faxes received from the past anytime you want. No more lost documents or misplaced faxes! All your fax documents are securely stored in your inbox which can only be accessed when you log in using your username and password. Read more.
Fax to Email

Receive faxes in your Email.

SmartFax customers can easily have their faxes delivered right to their email inbox. It's a fast & convenient way to receive digital faxes from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a SmartFax account. When someone faxes a document to your SmartFax number, the fax arrives in your email inbox as an email attachment. Learn more.
Local and Toll Free Fax Numbers

Choose your SmartFax number!

For only $8.99 a month, you'll be able to fax by email with your own local or toll free number. Your SmartFax number will give you access to send and receive faxes online from anywhere in the world. Choose your local or toll-free fax number today and start faxing by email within minutes. Read more.

SmartFax Features

It's really the features that make us look so smart. They're simple, easy to use and allow you to send and receive fax documents more efficiently. SmartFax provides you with all the basic features you need to successfully send, receive and store faxes online.

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